DELIVERED, from magnitude 7

a Film by Tara A Nicolas

On January 12, 2010 a large scale earthquake struck Haiti. Valerie Tardieu, my cousin - a wife and mother of 2 - died when a school she was working in collapsed on her. I had just visited Haiti a few months prior to the tragedy, and found myself in a horrified state of shock, left with many questions that I knew no one could answer. What can one person do to make a difference? Having a strong Haitian-American identity means that whether these trage- dies occur in Port-au-Prince, Falcon Heights, Tulsa, Waller County, or NYC it affects me. So again I ask: how can one person have a substantial impact? This project is the beginning of unraveling what this all means. Just speak, take a step, don’t sit idle, don’t hide, be grateful.


Director’s Statement

Conceptually, I wanted to explore the journey of loss through the lens of the diaspora. In Caribbean culture, grief and loss are not something that are discussed. Individuals are meant to sort of shove those feelings down until they can no longer be perceived by others. What happens when these emotions start to bubble up involuntarily? Particularly in times of tragedy, the first generation Haitian-American identity can experience a wide scope of emotions ranging from guilt to torment to mirth and everything in between. A fresh wound that continues to slowly bleed as you wait for help, answers, news that you may never get. Lets open a dialogue focusing on what happens after loss and how we move forward together.



Aeric Meredith -Goujon

-Director of Photography

Aeric Meredith-Goujon is best known for his erotic portraiture, but in a broader sense, his work revolves around the human body in states of extreme activity. Born & raised in Southern Indiana, Aeric came to New York City to continue his education and he earned his MFA in photography from Pratt Institute in 1999. Animated by spiritual inquiry and influenced by abstract painting and intimacy, Aeric’s work captures the raw feelings of his subjects, focusing on the amorphous relationship between the intangible and the material. Aeric currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children where he also works as the visual director and composer with the modern dance company ChristinaNoel and the Creature. Aeric’s work has been exhibited and published over the past two decades, shedding light on the beauty of the most intimate recesses of the human character and experience.



Jessica Green is an award-winning actor/editor/director, who currently has seven short films and a web series on the festival circuit. Originally from Chicago, Jessica has a BA in Theatre from Florida State, and has spent time working in both Los Angeles and New York. Jessica is passionate about storytelling through film, and strives to make every piece she works on something that will not only touch hearts, but also open avenues for discussion.